Come as you are. Leave Feeling Great

Postnatal Yoga, Pilates, and TOTAL Barre, for Bumps and Beyond in EastAuckland, Howick, Pakuranga, Botany

Meet your Instructor Jana Cuff

     A bit about Me:

  • I am a Caniwi Gal (a Canadian who has lived as a kiwi for almost 20 years).
  • I am a Wife and Mum to two girls Lexi and Sadie.
  • I got hooked on pilates and prenatal yoga during my first pregnancy.
  • I love to teach. It's in my blood, part of my past as a high school teacher and my present as a qualified pilates, TOTAL barre and prenatal yoga instructor.
  • I love to learn and love any opportunity to add to my training.
  • I have a can do, give it a go attitude and try to live to live my life with a bit of MOXIE. 
  • I love to cook. My husband, however, does not like to clean up after my cooking. 😉
  • I love coffee and if I can combo that with catching up with friends it's like icing on a cake. 


  • Pilates Instructor- Intensive Mat Plus STOTT Pilates Trained
  • Completion of Pre and Post Natal Pilates Mat workshops   STOTT Pilates 
  • Certified Pre and Postnatal Yoga Instructor- SMcGregor BumpYoga Pregnancy Teacher Training
  • Certified Baby Yoga/Massage Instructor- S McGregor BumpYoga Baby Massage/Yoga Teacher Training
  • Qualified TOTAL Barre Instructor STOTT Pilates
  • Pre and Postnatal trained TOTAL Barre Instructor STOTT Pilates
  • Other STOTT Pilates Workshops- Introduction to Fascial Movement, Essential Matwork with a Fascial Focus, Anatomy Review, Prenatal Pilates on the Reformer, Total Barre Endurance 2, Total Barre Modified for Special be continued........